ShockLog Shockwatch Impact & Environmental Recorders continually monitor and report in real time the shock, vibration, and environmental conditions experienced by structures, facilities, and equipment during transit, storage and operation. These products record the direction, amplitude and duration of impact force.

Thanks to the field-proven triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer technology, ShockLog is able to give complete and reliable information.

The ShockLog recorders help to deter, monitor and minimize damage and are available in the following versions:

• ShockLog 298: records the date and time of up to 870 shock and vibration events, time slots and summary data. Available also with TR (tilt and roll), GPS options, if necessary also in combination among them.
• ShockLog 248: records the date and time of up to 15 shock events, time slots and summary data
Main applications: offshore oil platforms and equipment, building structures and foundations, warehouses and storage facilities, packaging and vehicles in supply chain, lasers, missiles and satellites, power transformers, nuclear materials, biomedical supplies, wind turbines and much more.

On request it is possible to have optional sensors to record changes in temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, tilt and roll. A GPS/ GPRS tracking module is available to pinpoint the location of mishandling or exposure to unfavorable conditions.

• Decreases costs related to damage incurred during operation, shipping, handling and storage
• Helps identify optimal modes of transportation, routes, packaging, storage options and operational conditions through full-journey profiling
• Deters improper handling and operation
• Allows sender to respond to mishandling of shipments before customer delivery
• Alerts recipients and operators to inspect goods and equipment for potential damage
• Isolates when and where unacceptable conditions occur and aids in the identification of accountable parties
• Allows for immediate corrective action in cases of potential impact, vibration, temperature, humidity and pressure extremes
• Pinpoints potential areas for improvement in operational or shipping and handling processes
• Confirms acceptable conditions during equipment operation, shipping and handling, and storage
Comprehensive Windows-based software provides a simple user interface for communicating with the ShockLog device.
Robust procedures for setup and data download allow for quick deployment and easy data analysis.

Only with ShockLog298 isavailable an optional, the ShockLog Satellite, that makes possible a satellite conncetion.