Resistant and transparent film Propathin T1500

Protection that's transparent, slim and tough!

PROPATHIN T1500 is the latest innovative, hi-tech and sustainable film developed in the Propagroup laboratories to provide high-level resistance with minimum thickness, without sacrificing transparency.

Like all the other Propagroup films, PROPATHIN T1500 is made using hi-tech resins and a co-extrusion method designed specifically to give resistance, low permeability to water vapour and great effectiveness, all in a single product.

Thanks to its resistant properties, despite its thickness, PROPATHIN T1500 is particularly recommended for the protection of products with edges, such as sheets of marble or glass, furniture, tables and chairs, doors and anything that risks perforating the film. PROPATHIN T1500 is highly resistant to perforation, so can be used without worries. This special resistance also makes it extremely useful in situations where wrapped products may suffer damage from friction.

Moreover, the transparency of PROPATHIN T1500 makes it easy to use and facilitates the identification of goods inside their wrapping. This property considerably eases customs procedures too, because it eliminates the need to open packages for checking, with the risk of damage.

PROPATHIN T1500 is also an advanced solution for the protection of your products from atmospheric agents.

PROPATHIN T1500 can be defined as green, since the plastic used in its manufacture has been reduced by more than 30%, while retaining the same technical characteristics as similar, thicker films. The environmental impact is therefore lower, with a considerable reduction in costs of waste disposal.

PROPATHIN T1500 can be used to make films, bags, sacks and covers.

Although PROPATHIN T1500 has very low permeability to water vapor, we recommend also using moisture absorbents during intercontinental transport or journeys involving extreme or rapid variations in temperature and humidity. A sudden drop in temperature, extremely common during sea transport, may lead the moisture trapped in the environment or the packaging to reach the risky dew point, creating droplets of water inside the packaging.

To prevent this type of problem, we recommend using our dehydration products PROPASEC or PROPASIL.