Propafix edge protection


PROPAFIX is a definitely innovative edge protection patented by Propagroup, to fix and protect goods during transport and storage.

The big advantage of PROPAFIX compared to the corner protections sold on the market so far, is its great adaptability to all packing sizes. PROPAFIX could be defined as “self-sizing” corner protection. Thanks to its easy-to-cut profiled flaps, the user can choose the best length for protecting the container, steel coils and reels to be handled, according to the needs.
PROPAFIX is rigid and resistant but, thanks to its flexibility, it can also be used to protect irregular shapes such as polygons, triangles, parallelepipeds and even rounded shapes. It is also suitable for protecting three-dimensionally: after cutting a flap you just have to cut the opposite one to obtain a perpendicular fold to the axis of protection of the previous one.

PROPAFIX is made with completely recyclable materials, thus solving waste disposal problems both for the user and the end recipient.

To cut PROPAFIX to measure, you only need a simple cutter or a pair of scissors in your pocket.

With PROPAFIX there will no longer be any need of corner protections of different dimensions on stock because all the required sizes can be obtained from a single piece: this is truly a big advantage in terms of reducing stock and saving storage space.

PROPAFIX is also available with asymmetric flaps measuring respectively 60 mm and 100 mm, thus allowing you to choose the positioning according to your current needs. In the sheet steel sector, for example, you will often find packs of different sizes, with pallet heights almost below 100 mm. With PROPAFIX you can cut and fold according to the shape and size of the pack of sheets. The wider flap is meant to protect the pack vertically, allowing to cover and protect the entire content of the pallet, from the top sheet to the one resting on the pallet.

PROPAFIX TX: is an innovative version of Propafix suitable to protect inner and outer edge of steel coils and other material in reels.
It can be supplied with a handy dispenser to make the application easier.