PROPASORB is a product designed to solve problems caused by leaking liquids: it is able to absorb and stem leaks and dripping from pipes, joints, unions, etc.
Propasorb does not emit dust and works thanks to the use of materials deriving from the thermal expansion of a particular variety of igneous rock. This characteristic gives Propasorb immediate and effective power to absorb liquids of any density, from water to oily substances and hydrocarbons.
Propasorb is an essential product for factories, workshops and other workplaces where accidental leakage of liquids can cause accidents, fermentation, hazards and undesired odours.


Propasorb has many advantages over other products of its type: it is not inflammable, it does leave residue, it does not contain powder or granules that may damage machinery, it is light, very practical, quick to put into position and has a high absorbing capacity that allows for prolonged use, thus avoiding frequent replacements.

Propasorb is available in flexible and easily adaptable bags in a variety of lengths from 80 cm and 320 cm, very practical for creating a barrier against leakage. It is also available in bags, which are useful for absorbing leaks or dripping from pipes.