PROPATECH VCI OIL forms a protective film over surfaces requiring protection, safeguarding them against aggressive environmental agents action. But the distinctive feature of PROPATECH VCI OIL is its ability to release anticorrosive vapours that can offer protection even in the hardest points to reach. It is thus ideal for protecting "closed systems" such as tanks, gearboxes and other components that can contain oil without any problems and require gaseous protection against corrosion in zones which cannot be reached by oil.

PROPATECH VCI ANTICORROSIVE OIL can be applied by spraying, immersion or brush and can protect iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze and other metals, even without direct contact thanks to the vapour released.
The product can be mixed with petrol, oil and diesel fuel and burns without forming ashes; it can therefore be left on motors and engines even when they have to be run.
If it needs to be cleaned off, it can be removed with alcohol or alkaline detergents.

Some of the main applications:
• In the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry for the preservation and protection of machinery and newly built operating machines during storage and transport and for the protection of tanks.   
• In metalworking and mechanical engineering workshops for the protection of small metal components or mechanical parts of varying nature.
• For protection inside metal pipes and ducts.