Slip Sheet Propasheet


PROPASHEET is a Slip Sheet made in Compact Fiber and it is the winning solution to reduce the volumes, weights and the costs in all dispatch, storage and handling operations.

The compact fibre composition of the PROPASHEET makes them naturally moisture repellent, guaranteeing their mechanical resistance even after sea transport by container.

PROPASHEET is produced with eco-sustainable raw materials and it is completely recyclable, so environmentally friendly

PROPASHEET costs 4-5 times less than traditional pallets, is sturdy and lightweight and occupy less space. Thanks to these characteristics, with PROPASHEET you can optimally exploit shipping space, reduce transport costs and optimize internal stock management:







PROPASHEET eliminates traditional problems associated with pallets, such as nails sticking out, blocked entryways, products that do not fit properly and defective construction, so it also eliminates the main causes of complaints about damaged materials as well. With Slip Sheets you can also avoid fumigating wood problem, required in many countries.

PROPASHEET is available in the following versions:

• one-way or multi-way version 
• reinforced for special applications
• with non-slip coatings or additional protection to make it water-repellent
• with corners that fit together to form a tray

PROPASHEET can be custom-made so that it can effectively meet a whole range of strength requirements and handling needs. 
PROPASHEET is resistant to tears, thanks to a special method that optimizes longitudinal and transversal strength, and to humidity, due to an waterproofing treatment.

PROPASHEET can be immediately used with a simple conversion of traditional forklift trucks, which may be easily reconverted in a few simple steps.
On request PROPASHEET can be produced in plastic material.