Yes, all Propagroup desiccants (PROPASEC, PROPASIL, PROPADRY) are free from DMF-Dimethyl Fumarate. It is possible to ask a certification of absence of this substance contacting us.

Main desiccants are clay desiccant or silica gel. Silica gel is made from amorphous silica and is hard, granular and vitreous. It is generally employed to protect shoes and bags leather made against humidity. Silica gel exhibits an excellent capacity for adsorption and this varies according to the environmental conditions.

Propagroup strongly advises not to regenerate the desiccant bags of own production "Propasec, Propasil and Propasieve" because this procedure is not recommended by the main European and international standards.

We would like to underline that, the regeneration treatment would compromise the quality characteristics, which would no longer guarantee the effectiveness of absorption capacity.

Furthermore, also the technical characteristics of the desiccant bag, particularly its mechanical strength and tightness of the external wrapping, may be damaged by this procedure.

Propagroup is specialized in the manufacture of bags of various type of desiccants, also including silica gel. They are used especially for applications in the pharmaceutical, textile, and food industries, and they do not contain dimethyl fumarate. Silica gel is a desiccant produced with amorphous silica in the shape of a hard, semitransparent granule. Its capacity for absorbing humidity is not only considerable, but also varies according to ambient conditions. PROPASIL silica gel was developed to protect products from any damage caused by humidity.

To understand the right quantity of desiccant bags to protect products from humidity, is important to consider some variables. Here following some of the most important:

- Air volume trapped inside the packaging. Air trapped inside the packaging is the main responsible of condensation that, thanks to thermal shock, can develop during transportation. To avoid this kind of problem, we suggest to use desiccant bags.
- The external packaging used. When a barrier material like our Propametic is used, the quantity of desiccant units to use is lower compared to a packaging made of plastic material.
- Type of transportation. The most dangerous are the maritime transportations via container, because of possible temperature changes. A container exposed to the sun and to weather conditions for a long time, undergo to marked temperature variations that affect packaging inside it. In this case it will be very important to protect products with a good barrier material and with an adequate quantity of desiccant bags. 
- The protection duration. Another important variable to consider is the protection duration, that is the transportation and storage duration that the packaging is going to face.

There are many other variables to consider, for this reason we suggest to consult our technicians.

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A ShockLog can record up to 870 events and 262,000 time slots.

Desiccant bags can be stored for a long time, the important thing is that the packaging with which are supplied is always intact. Propagroup put in every box a PROPASECARD humidity indicator so as to allow who open the packaging to immediately understand if desiccants have been submitted to humidity, or if they are still usable.  

Desiccant bags duration depends a lot on environmental conditions that the package has to face. If humidity will be really high, the desiccant bag will absorb a lot and it will last less than a packaging that has to suffer less humidity. For this reason is important to refer to our technical personnel who will advice on the most appropriate packaging, depending on the specific conditions during transportation. Contact us: 

Yes, with the ColdMark and WarmMark temperature indicators and TrekView ambient condition recorders you can monitor the temperature goods are subjected to during transport or storage.

To control the humidity level it is necessary to introduce a humidity indicator inside the product packaging. There are different kind of humidity indicators cobalt-dichloride free depending on the application and need.

Yes, on request it is possible to produce desiccant bags with molecular sieve inside.

According to REACH regulation it is possible to produce PROPASIL desiccant bags with orange silica gel that turns green if in contact with humidity.

With PROPAMETIC barrier foil it is possible to make a partial or total vacuum of the packaging. This operation can be simplified thanks to laying (on demand), on the film or on the cap, of a watertight valve.

For many years now Propagroup has also been specialized in the production of desiccants, which are indispensable for preventing the circulation of humidity inside packages and containers or for preventing the formation of condensate in closed spaces, thereby protecting the quality of your products. Desiccant salts hold an important position among Propack's products, and they comprise a wide range of desiccant products of the highest quality, including desiccant clay, silica gel desiccant, and molecular sieves.
The air humidity together with the humidity created by the evaporation of the water contained in the load tend to form a true tropical microclimate in closed spaces. A consequence of this situation is water vapor entering the packages being transported. The condensate that is created and dries causes moisture to form continuously on the goods and results in them becoming stained, often damaging them permanently. The production of Propagroup desiccant salts prevents condensate from forming, thereby becoming indispensable for protecting and preserving the quality and characteristics of your products.
Propagroup is also specialized in the production of desiccants for freight containers to protect the materials from the formation of condensate.


Yes, silicagel is used to protect lenses of optical instruments and cameras against mold caused from humidity. Silicagel has many applications, it is also used to protect pharmaceuticals and chimical products, food, electronic equipments, but also to protect leather from humidity. 

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Yes, Propametic barrier foil is an aluminium multi-layer film.

PROPASEC desiccant bags are certified and comply with NFH 00320 / 00321 french norms and DIN 55473 german norms.  

We recommend using desiccants inside your package, even in those made of VCI films, in order to improve corrosion protection.

Lab tests together with our over 40 years of experience confirm that the combination of VCI Propatech products with Propasec desiccant bags increases the effectiveness of both of them extending the protection of your goods.

Anti-humidity desiccants are indispensable for guaranteeing suitable protection and preservation of the products over time. Propagroup has made a name for itself in the market due to its line of desiccants for controlling and protecting against the elements during the transportation and handling of goods. Propagroup developed anti-humidity products, because they are aware that changes in temperature can damage finished products and create considerable hardship for companies and their customers.

These products were developed to prevent and avoid this type of damage to goods, providing the tools necessary for keeping under control and eliminating any harmful agents. The range of desiccants free of dimethyl fumarate (DMF) includes:
• Propasec, which has a large capacity of absorption at a limited cost, is ideal for packaging electronic, pharmaceutical, and food items, etc.
• Propasil, desiccant bags or capsules of silica gel, used mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
• Bags consisting of synthetic zeolites (molecular sieve) used when a large amount of moisture needs to be absorbed very quickly.
• Propacontainer, in 1 or 2 kg bags, for keeping freight containers below the dew point.
• Propadry and Propadry Plus, to prevent the formation of condensate in freight containers and in packing.
Propagroup also offers humidity and temperature indicators, barrier material, and Stirofilm. The barrier material Propametic is obtained by lamination and acts as a barrier against water vapor. Stirofilm is a technical multilayer film used to cover and line transport and storage crates; it is also extremely resistant in case of stacked crates.

Propasecard indicators are efficient ambient condition indicators, especially for humidity; they are stiff cards with reversible reading spots for relative humidity. They are available in different configurations and can be used to check the degree of humidity from 5% to 95%. Another ambient condition indicator is the temperature indicator, which is an essential system in the case of substances or materials that can become altered if exposed to specific temperatures. It indicates the temperature, if the temperature is exceeded, and the length of time it is exceeded. Lastly, the ambient condition recorder allows you to check the temperature and humidity indices and monitor the ambient conditions.

Desiccant salts for packaging are the most practical and flexible solution for preventing the circulation of humidity inside closed spaces. Propagroup possesses many years of experience in the production of desiccant salts that are able to absorb and neutralize humidity and condensate inside packages or containers. Our desiccants include an enormous line of products that, besides guaranteeing a high degree of protection, also ensure complete respect for the environment, combining excellent absorption capacities with very reasonable costs.

Reducing the dew point in packaging

Silica gel is a desiccant that is used to preserve and protect from humidity technological and manufactured products that are sensitive to the elements and contained in packaging. For this reason Propagroup developed Propasil, a desiccant made with amorphous silica in the shape of a hard, semitransparent granule. The desiccant silica gel is able to absorb humidity due to its absorbent capacity, thereby reducing the dew point inside the crate during transportation and allowing the product's characteristics to remain unaltered.

Desiccant bags and capsules

This desiccant is widely used in the packaging and electronics fields and in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Propasil micro-pack, which is available in 0.5 to 5 gram bags or capsules, is the ideal solution for small humidity problems. Being highly compact it occupies minimal space within the package, while effectively absorbing the residual humidity. In particular micro-pack bags are used for pharmaceutical items, vitamins, medical devices, and optical instruments.

White or orange-to-green silica gel

Specifically, Propasil is available with white or orange-to-green silica gel. The latter color does not contain cobalt and is in compliance with the Reach standards.

During transportation and storage of goods it is necessary to adopt appropriate technical procedures to resolve humidity and condensate problems, which otherwise could irreparably damage the materials contained in packaging. Propagroup has been present in the market for more than 40 years, specialized in the manufacture of innovative and functional products and systems to solve problems with condensate; they are a qualified reference point for the large number of companies operating in the most diverse industrial and trade sectors.

The Propagroup line was designed and developed to find an effective response to all the problems with humidity, including items for calculating humidity and temperature, ambient condition recorders, desiccant products such as silica gel, and much more. Specifically, it developed a valid solution for preventing the formation of condensate inside medium and large crates and freight containers: the Propadry anti-humidity tray, which employs three simple operations to eliminate humidity in closed spaces:

1. Propadry absorbs the humidity that passes through a breathable membrane.
2. The molecules contained in the mixture transform the condensate into water.
3. The water is then held in the tray.

The products and systems of Propagroup, which is located in Rivoli (province of Torino), are designed and built to prevent damage resulting from the presence of humidity and condensate. In this manner crates always reach their destination in perfect condition, with a considerable reduction in complaints.

Clay desiccant is a material of natural origin. It is chemically inert, non-corrosive and is composed mainly of calcium and magnesium aluminium silicates. Thanks to its absorption capacity, clay reduces the dew point inside packaging, making it possible to protect the quality and properties of products against moisture attacks.

Silica gel is an excellent drying agent and is thus used as a desiccant and for local humidity control. Although its action is called "desiccant", in reality the physicochemical process whereby water vapour is removed from the air consists in an operation of adsorption: molecules of water vapour bind to the surface of the silica gel, which should not be understood as only the outer surface, but rather the total surface: silica has considerable porosity, and this means a larger total available area for the exchange of matter, that is, a fairly rapid dehumidification process. 

Desiccant bags are produced with a permeable non-woven fabric allowing absorption of water vapour within the bag. In conformity with DIN 55473 non-woven fabric differ in terms of properties of dust permeability:

- Type A dust proof (max. dust release = ≤10 mg/u.d)
- Type B dust free (max. dust release = ≤1 mg/bag)

Silica gel is normally used in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics sectors and in all areas where it is necessary not to have a dispersion of powder of any kind or in cases in which the available space permits the use of only a small bag, albeit with a high absorption capacity. Clay is used in all other sectors, in various types of packaging with different sizes. In any event, we invite you to contact our agents in order to evaluate your specific needs and find the ideal solution for protecting your products in the most effective and efficient manner.

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Traditional desiccant bags are used inside packages of various sizes and serve to protect the product from the moisture that forms inside them. Container desiccants are obviously used inside freight containers to lower the level of humidity that is created inside them during transport, but they are also widely used inside lorries or large packages to protect products from the damage that may occur due to excessive humidity. Propadry container desiccants are available in bags and trays patented by Propagroup. The latter are also available in a Propadry chain version, designed to be hung inside freight containers. 

Propagroup desiccant bags are mostly produced with argile, silicagel, molecular sieve, active carbon and, on demand, they can be packed with other absorbers.

Propametic multi-layer barrier aluminium foil can be maximum 9.000 mm width.

The Desiccant Unit defines the product quantity that absorbs a minimum quantity of 6,0 g of vapour, at an air temperature of 23 ± 2 ºC and a 40% relative humidity. 

Ferrous metals contain iron, for example steel, whilst non-ferrous metals do not contain iron, for example zinc, magnesium, and copper.

It is not necessary, as PROPAGROUP VCI film and paper leave no residuals on goods. In fact, because of the absence of oil and grease, PROPATECH VCI is one of the client’s favourite products: they receive a qualitatively perfect, clean and ready to use product.

Anticorrosive diffusers, also when combined with common anticorrosive systems such as VCI paper and films, are an excellent solution for protecting metal items and machines from rust during transportation and storage.

The following are the diffusers that are available:

• Mobile Noxy diffuser with mini tablets is applied inside the packaging and is activated a few hours prior to departure. Its activation results in the release of protective vapors every time the transport vehicle moves.
• Propatablets are tablets of compressed powder that can be placed in the most hidden points.
• Pill Bags are bags of mini tablets used to increase the protection of packaging that is already protected with VCI papers.
• Impregnated sponges are ideal for protecting metals such as iron, brass, copper, steel, and bronze.

There are 2 types of VCI paper: double-faced paper, impregnated on both sides, or one-sided PE coated paper. This latter is active only on one side, while the other consists of a barrier film able to keep the VCI within the package.
VCI film is always active on one-side.
On both VCI paper and film the active side (to be oriented toward the metal) is easily distinguishable, as it is opposite to the printed side.

Yes, it is possible to manufacture paper impregnated with VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors). VCI paper is a product that is very useful for solving the problem of corrosion during the transportation and storage of goods. Propagroup is specialized in the manufacture of VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) paper, which is a crucially important product for eliminating harmful agents that can ruin metals. Propagroup handles the design, production, and marketing of systems for protecting products during transportation and storage; all of our solutions have been very successful, because they do not pollute, do not dirty, and are ready to use and very practical.

VCI is a complex combination of substances which sublimate and form a thin invisible layer able to neutralise corrosive agents, such as water vapour, oxygen, salty air, sulfur-based gases, and polluting agents commonly present in the air.


VCI anticorrosive products can be stored for up to a year and a half, but they must be kept sealed in the original package and not opened. 

Double-sided and poly-coated papers

VCI papers are the ideal solution for protecting and preventing rust on metals during shipping. The Turin-based company Propagroup offers two types of anticorrosive paper: Double-sided and poly-coated. The advantage of double-sided papers is that they have protective substances on both sides, and they are suitable to be used between two different layers of material. The poly-coated papers, instead, are manufactured by applying a layer of polyethylene, which prevents the loss of the protective substance. Lastly, Propagroup also offers pouches made of VCI paper, which allow fast packing for products with small dimensions.

The quantity of VCI to be used in order to effectively protect goods against corrosion depends on many factors, being the most relevant: shipping time, external conditions (e.g. by sea, by land), and type of product. We strongly recommend to contact us in order to determine the most efficient solution and design the most appropriate package.

Anticorrosive VCI products used in the packaging are not dangerous for the health of people because VCI is a physiologically inactive substance. Any problem of eye or skin irritation have been found in people that directly worked with packagings treated with VCI. In any case, because VCI is a chimical substance, is suggested the use of gloves when in contact with the anticorrosive packaging. We also suggest to always ask for the safety data sheet to our customer care before using anticorrosive Propatech VCI products for your packagings.

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Products for VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) protection are used, during shipments and storage, to preserve and protect metals against corrosion. Propagroup has figured out and developed products for VCI protection, helping companies to preserve goods quality for a long time. The anticorrosive VCI products guarantee quality perseverance of shipped and stored materials, no claims for oxidation, considerable saving and big customer satisfaction. Propagroup created Propatech VCI system that, thanks to the reduction or even elimination of use of oil and greases, guarantees that the product remains intact, clean and ready-to-use. Propatech VCI doesn't leave traces and it is not dangerous, this is very important for protection, preservation, safety and saving. Propagroup is leader to solve problems of corrosion, humidity and impacts of goods during transport. Propatech VCI product range for metal protection includes the following products: 

Papers, double face and polythene anticorrosion products, in addition to rolls, sheets and bags; 

Films, anticorrosion plastic materials like Propatech VCI film, Propaskin, Propasteel, Propastretch and Propabol;

Emitters and diffusers of VCI substances like Propatech VCI Noxy, foams, tablets and anticorrosive pill bags.

Some anticorrosive VCI products, like paper and certain films, work well in contact with the material to be protected, whereas VCI diffusers, for example, do work at a distance in order to saturate the inside of packaging with the VCI substance and protect the goods against corrosion attacks. VCI products are very often used together to protect metals both in contact and at a distance and to better preserve their quality over time.

There are different types of VCI depending on metal to protect.


VCI is a volatile substance so, once the packaging is opened, it volatilize from metal in one or two hours and it will not leave resuduals.

Corrosion is a chemical reaction between a metal and its environment which results in a gradual destruction of metal and degradation of its properties.

Desiccant bags absorb humidity in the package, hence they reduce risk of oxidation. Still, to protect a material against corrosion, it is necessary to use a Propagroup VCI product as well.

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor.

Anticorrosion protection

To ensure proper protection of metal goods during the transportation phases, it is necessary for the packing to be made with suitable anticorrosion products. Propagroup is the leader in designing and developing antioxidant treatments able to effectively resolve the various problems of companies that transport and store metal goods, offering valid and safe anti-rust treatments in the Italian and international markets.

Antioxidant films, paper, and bags

Propagroup has launched on the market VCI anticorrosion packing items to guarantee adequate protection of metals. The most-used products are: paper; shrink films; bags; and covers for protecting metal automotive components such as engine blocks, transmissions, gearboxes, and brake discs, as well as steel coils, entire machines, and metal products in general.

Completely recyclable items

Continuous investments in research and development combined with the expertise and professionalism acquired over more than 40 years in the market have allowed us to expand our market not only in Italy and Europe, but all over the world. The packing we offer is ideal for solving any problem regarding corrosion, humidity, or condensate, and also includes many anti-impact products. We operate in full respect of the environment, and we develop completely recyclable products that are entirely compliant with all environmental laws, regulations, and standards applicable to companies.

VCI polyethylene has the big advantage of keeping VCI inside the packaging and of making a barrier, mainly isolating the product to protect. Furthermore polyethylene is very easy to use during packaging and the operations are much rapid, allowing an ease closing. As known, with the plastic packaging, in particular situations, is much easier that condensation occurs inside the packaging. This disadvantage can be easily solved with the use of desiccant products, perfect to reduce the humidity level, thus eliminating risks of damages caused by humidity. 


It is very important to wear protective gloves as skin acidity can start oxidation of metal. 

Yes, the adoption of the appropriate dunnage bags is necessary when, during the transportation and handling of goods, it is advisable to secure the loads in order to prevent damaging the crates and to keep them in good condition during transportation. Propagroup has always been at the service of its customers that need to protect the high quality and perfect condition of their products.
Dunnage bags are comprised of 95% air and 5% polyethylene. Their use allows you to neutralize, with great relief, the risks in connection with unexpected shifting of loads during transportation.

Tiltwatch tilt indicators change colour if the packaging has been tilted by more than 80%. Tiltwatch indicators are also available in a ‘Plus’ version, which can indicate an inclination of 30° to 80° for both sides. They can also indicate complete overturning.

The adhesive of Shockwatch labels is extremely tenacious: once applied, they cannot be removed without damaging the part they have been affixed to. This ensures greater security, since it is difficult to tamper with them.

To choose the right Shockwatch impact indicator, just consult the table containing the data to be crossed in order to identify the right level of sensitivity according to the weight of the product to be protected.

To define which dunnage bag is right for the load to be transported it is necessary to know some data such as the weight of the products to be transported, the size of the empty spaces to be filled and the mode of transport. To be sure to determine with certainty the size of the dunnage bag to use, we advise you to contact our technical service that will make the necessary assessments with you.

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To inflate an air bag Propablank for container just introduce the air gun into the valve on the air bag and inflate using a compressed air circuit.


Moving Slip Sheets is possible thanks to an accessory called push-pull that can be installed in every standard forklift. It is necessary that who sends the material and who receives it, uses the push-pull system to move Slip Sheets. 

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PROPABLANK dunnage bags are very easy to use. To secure a load, you only need to insert one or more dunnage bags into the empty spaces and inflate them using the special valve provided: once it has reached the optimal pressure, the dunnage bag will secure the load, protecting it from shocks or shifts caused by jolts or sudden movements.

In order to handle slip sheets, it is necessary to use the push & pull system. This entails making a simple modification to the forklift truck. The push & pull system must be mounted on the front forks and is used to “pinch” the slip sheet the goods are placed on and raise it onto the forklift. The same system is capable of “pushing” the materials onto a pallet or on the floor.

ShockLog environmental recorders can be powered with alkaline or lithium batteries, i.e. rechargeable batteries. The battery life of the ShockLog will change depending on the type of batteries.

ShockLog environmental recorder is capable of working on 3 axes.

Depending on their sensitivity, Shockwatch impact indicators will trip at the specific G level they were set for, so as to record the required impact force that the transported product has been subjected to. 

When applying a ShockWatch 2 impact indicator, it is important that you press down firmly on the center of the device once on the package to ensure adhesion. Failure to press down on the center of the device will not appropriately activate the intended adhesion, increasing the risk of falling off the package.

Video demonstration of ShockWatch 2

PROPAFIX is a highly innovative corner protection, designed and patented by Propagroup to fix goods during transport and storage. Because of its high adaptability, it can be definied as a “self-sizing” corner protector. In fact, thanks to its easy-to-cut profiled laps, the opeator can choose the most suitable length to protect its package depending on his needs. More info here.

For all companies that need to guarantee to their customers services and finished intact products is very important to solve impact problems during transportation and storage of goods. Sensitive to these topics, Propagroup works successfully for the impact products realization, through production and selling of a new range of articles and systems that allow to limit possible damages caused by sudden movements or impacts during transportation, starting from Shockwatch till air bags. To carry delicate goods are available the following impact products: Propaflex, a product studied for steel and cable manufacturers, made of a smooth inner surface and an undulated outer one to reduce friction with other materials; Propafix, a self-sizing corner protection adaptable to all packing sizes; Proparing, a plastic ring designed to permit safe handling of steel rolls that are often damaged in the lifting points while moved by forklifts; Propablank, dunnage bags to steady loads during road transport and in freight containers. Propack solves then every problem connected to handling and packaging disposal, it also offers a new line of dispositive, products and instruments to control every kind of material handling and, monitoring their movements, avoid potential damages caused by rough movements.

Propablank dunnage bags for container, once inflated, contain 95% of air and only 5% of plyethylene: an easily recyclable material.


Propablank dunnage bags for container were developed thanks to technological procedures which allow to achieve extremely high resistant air bags. Propablank is available in different typologies to adapt to any kind of resistance. 



Slip Sheet Propasheet are pallet made in Compact Fiber that can be used instead of usual wooden pallet, thus solving problems such as nails sticking out, blocked entrywaysproducts that do not fit properly and defective construction. In this way it is possible to eliminatethe main causes of complaints about damaged materials.

The air bag Propablank for container is a bag made of air for 90% and of polyethylene only for 5%.



The capacity of a slip sheet depends on its thickness. The thicker the slip sheet, the higher the weight capacity.

To position the Shockwatch impact indicator correctly you must consider the weight and size of the package you need to send. We invite you to consult our agents, who will provide you with the necessary information.

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The use of Propablank dunnage bags are the following:

- less damages during transport

- customer more satisfied when he receive the material withiut damages

- economic

- 100% recylable

- ease of use

- very resistant

- entirely produced in Italy

Slip Sheet Propasheet occupy a very little space in the warehouse respect to normal pallets, they are also lightwight but in the meantime are sturdy and most of all they cost less. Slip Sheet Propasheet are also totally reclyable and do not need fumigation, guaranteeing anyway maximum hygiene.


Dunnage bags for protection during transport Propablank, once inlfated and positioned, reduces damage risk during transportation because it stabilizes the charge, limiting the movement for all the travel.