Propaflex protection


PROPAFLEX is an innovative product designed and patented by Propagroup to guarantee a total and a high quality protection for all products sold in rolls and not only, like cables and stainless steel coils, but also for all other surfaces. 

PROPAFLEX is a plastic sheet made thanks to recycled materials from circular economy and to a special production process to obtain two different surfaces: 

• the inner surface is smooth and perfectly adheres even to rounded surfaces, protecting them with the maximum efficacy.

• the outer surface is specially corrugated in order to reduce friction with other materials, but above all is capable of withstanding violent impacts, heavy weights, shocks or compressions without any problem.

PROPAFLEX is designed to satisfy the needs of the major steelmakers and the most important cable manufacturers in the world, but it can also be adopted in the building industry, in fields like architecture and interior design, and in many other manufacturing industries applications such as tubes and tube bundles production.

• 100% recyclable
• Standard or personalized printing treated anti-UV
• Flexible in all directions
• Very resistant to shocks
• Resistant to compression
• Waterproof
• Weldable
• Oil-repellent
• Weatherproof
• Easy to apply
• Safe
• Light

is certified according to Hamburg BFSV standard for cable protection.