Propagroup, which up until two years ago, bore the historic name of Propack, is very pleased to announce that this year it will be celebrating its 50th year of activity. 

Its history began with a small family activity back in 1968 and has constantly evolved, to become one of the leading companies in its sector.

Propagroup has made collaboration with its customers its mission, trying to help them find the best possible solutions for the protection of their goods during shipping and the short or long-term storage.

The great propensity to the research and development of new solutions to offer to its customers makes Propagroup one of the most qualified companies in the sector at a global level. The pleasure of becoming a worldwide point of reference gives Propagroup the strength necessary to continue towards new destinations with great enthusiasm, in order to further improve the supply of more and more innovative solutions.

50 years of experience is the starting point towards new horizons and development. It's a journey that continues alongside its customers and that embodies Propagroup’s mission: helping them to protect the value of their work.