Comparison with competitors

The choice of some companies in our sector to publish one-sided tests comparing their products with those of competitors which are, of course always and only in their favour is, in our view, really quite naïve.
We also think it shows their very low opinion in underestimating the capacity to judge and the intelligence of those who have to choose the product to protect manufactured articles. The auxiliary packaging materials that must preserve and protect (up to the time of use) the qualitative level of the manufactured articles cannot be chosen based on tests that lack basic credibility rules.

It has always been our quality, service and results that the Market has judged us for. After almost forty years’ working in this sector, we add new customers to our portfolio every day thanks to references of our regular users that, satisfied with our Company, send their clients, acquaintances, friends, suppliers, etc., to us.
Since we believe in the Market and in its great capacity to select based on real results, confident about the validity of our products, we do not have the habit of publishing results that belittle those of our rivals but this does not mean we refuse comparison, quite the contrary, our laboratories are open to our customers, on request, if they want to have some comparative tests run with any competitive product.

We would be more than pleased to be put to the test because we can count on a long tradition of positive results that are able to guarantee an excellent quality, confirmed by the extremely positive opinion that our products have earned for themselves in the Market.

If what you need is to avoid complaints about your products due to damage caused by errors in handling, transporting and/or storing, we are at your complete disposal to find the best solutions together.