Humidity indicators Propasecard


PROPASECARD is a stiff card with reversible reading spots of the relative humidity (HR), “cobalt-dichloride free”, changing the colour from blue to rose when a relative humidity level has been exceeded.

The humidity indicator PROPASECARD has to be put into the packaging of the product that you want to control and it is available in several versions. PROPASECARD can monitor low relative humidity levels down to a 5% HR or high levels up to a 90% HR, according to the application and necessity.

It provides visual proof of the level of HR in an environment and/or packing. If PROPASECARD indicates high humidity levels, users know that the desiccant must be replaced and the product checked.

It is normally used with desiccants in any application where humidity is at a critical point that can affect the manufactured product.

The humidity indicator PROPASECARD is easy to use and quickly readable. Spots are blue in absence of moisture and they turn to pink at the reaching of different indicated humidity levels.
Indicators with viewing window: PROPASECARD with viewing window can be put in protective bags and caps too, in order to control the relative humidity rate inside the packaging looking from outside.
Main applications:
• Electronics
• Military components
• Optical instruments
• Packing
• Automotive sector
• Diagnostics
• Museums and works of art

Thanks to Propasecard humidty indicators, you will know immediately the humidity level to which your products were exposed.