Great corrosion protection with Propatech VCI paper

  • 04 September 2017

Propatech VCI papers nitrite free are great for corrosion protection, are eco-friendly and were developed to preserve metals from possible damages caused by corrosion during transport and storage. Propatech VCI papers

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The european project Flexpol has the R&D department of Propagroup as one of the main actors...

  • 28 August 2017

Thanks to its R&D department dedication, Propagroup, with some scientific, technical and business excellences that constitute Flexpol consortium in which it brings part, it is

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ShockLog in the transformer industry

  • 19 July 2017

Every day transformers risk to get damaged during shipping because of the movement, this can happen during travel or handling. The use of a simple impact recorder like ShockLog can advise that some problems occurred and when, this

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OpsWatch - Vibration and impact recorder

Your equipment will have longer life with OpsWatch

  • 28 April 2017

Thanks to OpsWatch, your equipment will be continuously monitored to avoid problematic and expansive failures. OpsWatch can indicate changes in equipment vibration, that is an early warning of decline in operating

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