All Saints' Day festival


  • 18 October 2017

We remind you that our offices in Italy will be closed on 1st November for public holiday. Please send an e-mail at 

Impact and temperature recorder SpotBot

We present you SpotBot, the new device for impact and temperature monitoring

  • 03 October 2017

We present you SpotBot, the new device for impact and temperature monitoring. Thanks to the possibility of a mobile connection, SpotBot let you track the charge in real time without losses

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Anticorrosive paper pre-cutted in rolls

PROPATECH VCI anticorrosive paper in rolls pre-cut: an efficient sheet of paper at every tear-strip!

  • 21 September 2017

Starting from today Propatech VCI anticorrosive paper is available also in rolls with pre-cut system. Propagroup has always been aware to customer needs, that is the

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Propatech VCI anticorrosive paper

Great corrosion protection with Propatech VCI paper

  • 04 September 2017

Propatech VCI papers nitrite free are great for corrosion protection, are eco-friendly and were developed to preserve metals from possible damages caused by corrosion during transport and storage. Propatech VCI papers

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The european project Flexpol has the R&D department of Propagroup as one of the main actors...

  • 28 August 2017

Thanks to its R&D department dedication, Propagroup, with some scientific, technical and business excellences that constitute Flexpol consortium in which it brings part,

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ShockLog in the transformer industry

  • 19 July 2017

Every day transformers risk to get damaged during shipping because of the movement, this can happen during travel or handling. The use of a simple impact recorder like ShockLog can advise that some problems occurred and when, this

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