Summer Holidays

  • 22 June 2021

We inform you that Propagroup will be closed for summer holidays in the following period: From 07.08 up to 22.08.21 included (weeks 32 and 33).

Products monitoring in the supply chain

Products are safer when properly monitored throughout the supply chain with Emerson loggers

  • 20 May 2021

Many products need continuous monitoring throughout the supply chain in order to guarantee the preservation of their qualities right up to their final destination, especially in

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Propatech VCI anticorrosive paper

Propatech VCI anti-corrosion papers: for clean corrosion protection

  • 07 April 2021

Propatech VCI anti-corrosion papers are the best solution to protect metal products from corrosion in a simple and clean way. Thanks to this packaging, it is no longer necessary to use oil

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Impact protection Propaflex

Propaflex: The eco-friendly solution for impact protection of steel and other products supplied in rolls

  • 18 February 2021

Propaflex is the ideal solution for protecting rolls of material and heavy products during handling. It is highly flexible, protecting curved surfaces by adhering to

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Covid-19 vaccines

Vaccines protected by Propagroup temperature monitoring systems!

  • 18 January 2021

Mass Covid 19 vaccination has just begun rolling out across Europe, and Propagroup is ready to make its contribution to the temperature control of vaccines during their transport and storage. To tackle

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