All the data at your fingertips

SpotBot® 4G Plus is the ideal solution for staying connected to your products in transit and monitoring them throughout the supply chain. With triaxial impact, temperature and humidity monitoring and tracking, SpotBot 4G Plus will keep you informed of everything that happens to your materials en route via the SpotSee Cloud. You can easily log in to see the status of your shipments or set up daily reports to review. 


SpotBot 4G Plus is capable of measuring impacts from 3.5 to 100G, thus enabling monitoring to meet a variety of needs, from automotive components to medical equipment to power generation equipment. The high-precision temperature and humidity sensors are ideal for monitoring sensitive products such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals or diagnostics.

One of the strengths of the SpotBot 4G Plus is its battery life of up to 3 years, depending on the settings. This ensures that important information is not lost thanks to complete, uninterrupted recording throughout transport.

SpotBot 4G Plus is very easy to use. Simply configure it using a simple web application. Trip information is stored in SpotSee's secure cloud.

SpotBot 4G Plus provides data via the 4G cellular network. It can be configured to connect to known Wi-Fi networks if cellular coverage in warehouses is limited. Location information can be configured to use the nearest cellular tower, Wi-Fi sniffing or GPS.

SpotSee Cloud features:

  • Access to information through a dedicated and secure web portal
  • Real-time reporting of unacceptable conditions
  • Reporting functions to summarise the location and condition of shipments