Custom analytical services and innovation at your service

PROPALAB is fruit of the awareness that Propagroup has built up over nearly fifty years of experience regarding the importance of constantly innovating and developing its industrial technologies.

As we all know, materials that travel are often exposed to possible variations in temperature and humidity that can damage goods, even irreparably. Thanks to a series of services, which range from analytical to custom and R&D services, Propagroup’s internal laboratory is capable of providing a study dedicated to the specific problems of the customer. Through studies conducted on mechanical, physical and chemical properties using techniques of the latest generation, PROPALAB can simulate any type of storage or shipment in a scientific and detailed manner according to the customer’s specific requirements. By virtue of a rich array of cutting-edge equipment, PROPALAB is able to simulate, detect and correct – with extreme precision – any anomalous situation that the goods you want to protect might encounter. With the contribution of its pilot production plants, for both films and paper, PROPALAB can evaluate and/or produce innovative materials on a small scale also at the prototyping stage, thanks to a pilot synthesis reactor which enables us to conduct all the necessary Research & Development studies before the materials are placed on the market.  

Specifically, Propalab offers:

Analytical service

  • Physical tests: permeability, rheological tests, water vapor sorption isotherms
    and impregnation tests
  • Mechanical tests: dynamometer, free-falling dart, tear and burst testing
  • Chemical tests: basic preparative and liquid chromatography testing,
    mass spectrometry

Custom service

  • Simulation tests in climatic chambers and rooms using company libraries, 
    climate cycles and international standards

R&D Service

  • Feasibility studies and custom research and development projects focusing on a whole range of different problems, thanks to a highly qualified research staff
  • Blown film extrusion of thermoplastic films (PE, PP, PLA, etc.) on a small scale in order to implement and develop new ideas and technologies
  • Development of new formulations and additive mixes thanks to a pilot synthesis reactor
  • Development of innovative paper-based processes and materials using a pilot impregnation plant


  • Effective prevention of damage to shipped goods
  • Greater ease in identifying and optimizing effective packaging for protecting against humidity and and sudden temperature changes
  • Greater certainty of success in your actual shipments
  • Reduction in complaints from your customers
  • Reduction in insurance costs
  • Greater customer loyalty thanks to the confidence they gain over time that the shipped goods they receive from you will have the same level of quality as when you prepared the load.

Main applications: automotive, clothing, food (fruit, vegetables …), pharmaceuticals, chemicals, furniture and wood products, artworks, and much more…