Stirofilm is a highly technical multilayer co-extruded film. Thanks to special extrusion techniques and a successfull formulated mixture of latest-generation polyolefin resins, Stirofilm has got amazing mechanical strength characteristics and resistance to perforation. Suitable for covering and lining transport and/or storage containers, it is moreover extremely resistant in case of stacked crates and highly efficient in case of rubbing, very frequent during storage.

Covering crates or boxes with Stirofilm assures an excellent degree of protection against weather, UV rays until 24 months and even after repeated stacking and rubbing. In case of water, Stirofilm is much stronger than common plastic and rigid enough to prevent the accumulation of water on its surface. 
Despite its considerable strength, Stirofilm is also soft and cannot hurt: it can thus advantageously replace sheet-metals used to cover wooden crates and boxes or as internal or external wall. In addition, Stirofilm does not rust and will provide better, safer protection for your packing container right up to its arrival at destination, even after long periods of storage.
Stirofilm is completely recyclable and extremely easy to use: a simple stapler is sufficient to secure it to a wooden crate. In case of need, Stirofilm can also be sealed.
Special treatments, including the fire-retardant, provide the product with maximum safety and high weather resistance.

Stirofilm can be supplied in rolls up to a maximum height of 8 metres. When required it is also available in sheets.
Stirofilm is truly a strong and safe material able to advantageously solve many problems connected to transport and storage of your goods.