Propatherm descending

Real time control

FreezeSafe, ColdMark and Tempasure are indicators able to control the descending temperatures through the irreversible color change providing evidence  of a below threshold temperature excursion in a clear and easily way. They are the ideal solution for pharma and vaccines temperature control and have the following characteristics:


Freezesafe indicators, economic and small, are available for a temperature monitoring of 2°C and 0°C, with a reaction speed between 30 and 90 minutes of exposure, an accuracy of +/- 1°C and 2 year shelf from the production date.


Tempasure descending temperature indicators are ideal for very low temperatures monitoring, they cover a temperature threshold of -20°C and +10°C and they have an accuracy of +/- 2°C.



Cold Chain Complete
The Cold Chain Complete temperature indicator is ideal for respecting the cold chain during transport of vaccines and all temperature-sensitive products. This double indicator, ascending and descending, checks that the temperature is always maintained in the desired range and is available in the following versions:
2-8°C - 8 hour run out
0-8°C - 8 hour run out
2-8°C - 48 hour run out
0-8°C - 48 hour run out
2-25°C - 8 hour run out
0-25°C - 8 hour run out


ColdMark indicators, precise and reliable, can monitor the temperature from -10°C to +2°C, with a reaction speed within 30 minutes, an accuracy of +/- 1°C and 2 year shelf life from the production date.