Propatherm ascending

Continuous monitoring

The WarmMark and Thermax range features irreversible indicators for monitoring temperature increases. The easy-to-use indicators clearly show when a threshold has been exceeded, and record the temperatures reached during exposure. Ideal for pharmaceutical and food industries, but also many other industrial applications.


WarmMark, WarmMark Duo and WarmMark Long Run ascending temperature indicators, besides indicating whether the temperature has exceeded the set limit, they also inform you of the exposure duration to excessive temperatures, so you can make a more precise assessment as to the possible damage caused to your products during such events. They can monitor temperature from -18°C to +37°C, with a sensitivity margin of +/- 1°C and 3 year shelf life from the production date.




Ascending temperature indicators Thermax offer a highly reliable and irreversible indication of exposure to high temperatures (between 29°C and 290°C). The change of colour on the windows is clear and irreversible in order to indicate the maximum temperature reached.

The labels will not de-laminate when removed for reference and can be attached to an inspection report to provide a permanent record. They are also oil, water and steam resistant.


Cold Chain Complete
The Cold Chain Complete temperature indicator is ideal for respecting the cold chain during transport of vaccines and all temperature-sensitive products. This double indicator, ascending and descending, checks that the temperature is always maintained in the desired range and is available in the following versions:

2-8°C - 8 hour run out
0-8°C - 8 hour run out
2-8°C - 48 hour run out
0-8°C - 48 hour run out
2-25°C - 8 hour run out
0-25°C - 8 hour run out