Humidity protection

Protection against high or low temperature

Propagroup desiccants protect also food items against humidity. By using temperature and humidity indicators you will be able to control whether goods are exposed to a lower or higher temperature or humidity level that might damage them.Propagroup desiccant bags and temperature monitoring devices have been used by several food companies.

Humidity control with Propasecard

Humidity control

Propasecard humidity indicators allow monitoring of humidity levels during transportation and storage of medicine, edibles, and items whose humidity levels should be controlled.

Propasec desiccants

Desiccants to protect goods from moisture damage

Those shipping their own goods know full well that humidity can be a serious problem, especially for alteration sensitive products such as food, medicines and certain electronic parts. Desiccants

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Propablank dunnage air bags

Unstable loads

Propablank inflatable bags are designed to solve the problem of unstable loads in trucks, containers, ships and rail cars during transport. The well-known instability of pallets during transport is a critical issue that, if underestimated, can

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Propadry for container

Moisture protection for bottle labels

Companies that transport beverage products in containers knows full well that humidity during the journey can damage labels and ruin the aesthetic appeal of the product, which is essential for selling it. Propadry

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