Protection from oxidation with Propatech VCI


The wide range of products Propatech VCI helps solving problems related to oxidation. They protect from the exposure to external agents that might ruin your products, like metallic parts, gears, profiles, sections and tubes, cylinders and many other mechanical

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Complete packaging with desiccants and VCI

Higher level of protection through desiccants

We recommend using desiccants within your package, even those made of VCI films, in order to improve corrosion protection.Lab tests together with our over 30 years’ experience confirm that the combination of VCI Propatech products and desiccants bags increases both efficacy, and prolongs the protective effect on your goods.

Total protection from corrosion

Protection against corrosion

Propatech VCI film, papers and emitter are suitable to protect your products against corrosion. All items sensitive to rust can be shielded with Propagroup products.