The european project Flexpol has the R&D department of Propagroup as one of the main actors...

Thanks to its R&D department dedication, Propagroup, with some scientific, technical and business excellences that constitute Flexpol consortium in which it brings part, it is a main actor of a new european project for the development of an antimicrobic adhesive film studied to minimize as much as possible a contamination with bacterias inside hospitals. 

As we know, doors handles, telephones, elevator buttons and many other surfaces inside public buildings and especially of hospitals, are avery big bacteria vehicle that, if stopped, could really reduce the transmission of a lot of diseases.

The idea of Flexpol project is to apply this particular adhesive film on every surface, little (handles, telephones...) and large (floors and walls), so as to reduce as much as possible microbes contamination. This will be possible thanks to special nanostructures and polymers containing antimicrobic natural blend. 

The synergic action of material and surface structure is able to kill various germs and inhibit bacterial growth with an efficiency of 99.9 percent – this will not only ensure the health protection of both patients and medical staff but also yield a considerable economic benefit due to reduced expenditures for detergents and sanitizers. 

Propagroup, operating in the market of active and intelligent plastic films for 50 years, participate to Flexpol project as a film producer, implementing a dedicated blow extrusion line and supporting the consortium in material design and formulation.

The project has a three-years duration, starting in January 2017 and concluding in December 2019. As a part of the funding program "Horizon 2020", the project is supported by the European Commission.