How many desiccant bags are necessary to protect products from humidity?

To understand the right quantity of desiccant bags to protect products from humidity, is important to consider some variables. Here following some of the most important:

- Air volume trapped inside the packaging. Air trapped inside the packaging is the main responsible of condensation that, thanks to thermal shock, can develop during transportation. To avoid this kind of problem, we suggest to use desiccant bags.
- The external packaging used. When a barrier material like our Propametic is used, the quantity of desiccant units to use is lower compared to a packaging made of plastic material.
- Type of transportation. The most dangerous are the maritime transportations via container, because of possible temperature changes. A container exposed to the sun and to weather conditions for a long time, undergo to marked temperature variations that affect packaging inside it. In this case it will be very important to protect products with a good barrier material and with an adequate quantity of desiccant bags. 
- The protection duration. Another important variable to consider is the protection duration, that is the transportation and storage duration that the packaging is going to face.

There are many other variables to consider, for this reason we suggest to consult our technicians.

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