What are silica gel desiccant bags, and what are they used for?

Reducing the dew point in packaging

Silica gel is a desiccant that is used to preserve and protect from humidity technological and manufactured products that are sensitive to the elements and contained in packaging. For this reason Propagroup developed Propasil, a desiccant made with amorphous silica in the shape of a hard, semitransparent granule. The desiccant silica gel is able to absorb humidity due to its absorbent capacity, thereby reducing the dew point inside the crate during transportation and allowing the product's characteristics to remain unaltered.

Desiccant bags and capsules

This desiccant is widely used in the packaging and electronics fields and in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Propasil micro-pack, which is available in 0.5 to 5 gram bags or capsules, is the ideal solution for small humidity problems. Being highly compact it occupies minimal space within the package, while effectively absorbing the residual humidity. In particular micro-pack bags are used for pharmaceutical items, vitamins, medical devices, and optical instruments.

White or orange-to-green silica gel

Specifically, Propasil is available with white or orange-to-green silica gel. The latter color does not contain cobalt and is in compliance with the Reach standards.



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