Is Propagroup specialized in the production of desiccants for packaging?

For many years now Propagroup has also been specialized in the production of desiccants, which are indispensable for preventing the circulation of humidity inside packages and containers or for preventing the formation of condensate in closed spaces, thereby protecting the quality of your products. Desiccant salts hold an important position among Propack's products, and they comprise a wide range of desiccant products of the highest quality, including desiccant clay, silica gel desiccant, and molecular sieves.
The air humidity together with the humidity created by the evaporation of the water contained in the load tend to form a true tropical microclimate in closed spaces. A consequence of this situation is water vapor entering the packages being transported. The condensate that is created and dries causes moisture to form continuously on the goods and results in them becoming stained, often damaging them permanently. The production of Propagroup desiccant salts prevents condensate from forming, thereby becoming indispensable for protecting and preserving the quality and characteristics of your products.
Propagroup is also specialized in the production of desiccants for freight containers to protect the materials from the formation of condensate.




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