Gain precious warehouse space with the eco-friendly Slip Sheet

Solve the problem of wasted warehouse space for pallet storage with our eco-friendly Slip Sheets! Propasheet Slip Sheets are compact fibre sheets that, with just a small modification to the traditional forklift, allow goods to be moved quickly, easily and safely. The use of Propasheets over traditional pallets has the following main advantages:

- You can store as many as 500 Propasheets in the space of just 30 pallets

- They are light and hard-wearing

- They cost 4 to 5 times less than traditional pallets

- They optimize load space and therefore reduce transport costs

- They are made from natural and completely recyclable raw materials

- Goods are not damaged by nails or splinters, as with wooden pallets

- They do not require fumigation and guarantee utmost hygiene

Propasheets are also extremely resistant and waterproofed to guarantee practicality even in damp environments. 

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