New video Propagroup

Discover our new corporate video

  • 04 October 2019

We are experiencing a particularly intense period of rapid and continuous changes across all fields, and, therefore, believe it is crucial to adapt quickly to the emerging developments and keep up with the times. For this reason, after

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Propasec Green

Propasec desiccant bags go green

  • 23 September 2019

Propagroup has always made sustainability and attention to the environment an essential part of the development of new products. Through studies carried out by in the lab by our own R&D researchers, our extensive experience and our

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Timestrip temperature indicators

More control over refrigerated transport - the role of temperature indicators

  • 06 August 2019

Just recently, there have been many more newspaper stories of police checks on refrigerated transports. Indeed, vans and trucks are increasingly stopped to check the documentation of the

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Cardboard separator Propafill

Propafill ... the ideal solution for filling voids in truck loads

  • 30 July 2019

Propafill is an innovative product that Propagroup has brought to the market to solve load stability issues caused by voids that are often left between goods. This is a widespread problem for road transport,

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Corrosion protection

Corrosion never goes on holiday!

  • 07 June 2019

The arrival of hot and humid weather announces that those much desired summer holidays are just around the corner ... But don’t forget that corrosion, or more commonly ‘rust’, never goes on holiday. Indeed, while you

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Propatag NFC / RFID

Identification and traceability in a label, RFID and NFC tags

  • 29 April 2019

From today, Propagroup adds a new product to its range, Propatag label, an RFID / NFC tag for identifying your products and making them quickly and easily traceable.  This new digital technology allows you

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