Discover Propasheet: The innovative alternative to traditional pallets.

In the world of logistics and transportation, pallets have always been considered an essential tool. However, they are not without drawbacks: they take up valuable space and involve high costs. It's time to look beyond and discover an innovative solution: we propose Propasheet.

What is Propasheet?

Propasheet is a cellulose fiber Slip Sheet that has revolutionized the way we store and transport goods. But what makes Propasheet so special compared to traditional wooden pallets?

  • Storage efficiency

One of the most surprising features of Propasheet is its ability to optimize space. While ten pallets take up a significant amount of space, the same volume can store up to 500 Propasheets. This means a drastic reduction in the space needed for storage and greater logistical efficiency.

  • Immediate availability

We offer a wide stock available in different sizes and strengths. This ensures that the specific needs of each customer can be quickly met, without long waiting times.

  • No need for phytosanitary treatments

Unlike traditional pallets, Propasheet does not require special phytosanitary treatments for exports. This not only simplifies the logistical process, but also reduces the costs and time needed to comply with international regulations.

  • An economical option

Perhaps the most surprising advantage of Propasheet is its cost. Propasheet can cost up to ten times less than a Europallet. This cost reduction can have a significant impact on companies' budgets, especially those operating on a large scale.

Propasheet therefore represents a revolution in the logistics and storage sector. With its numerous advantages, from space efficiency to cost reduction, to ease of export, Propasheet emerges as the ideal alternative to traditional pallets.

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Propasheet: why settle for pallets when there is a better solution?



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Discover Propasheet: The innovative alternative to traditional pallets.

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