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The PROPASKIN VCI range of products is manufactured including PROPATECH VCI in the polyethylene mass during film coextrusion.
The additive can sublimate from the plastic, guaranteeing  protection from corrosion of packed metal items.

PROPASKIN VCI was created thanks to the mix of high-tech resins giving to the product a very high tensile strength, resistance to breaks and perforations. Like all plastic products PROPATECH VCI can be coextruded in 3-5 layers. The coextrusion guarantees greater mechanical strength and a mono-directionality of the PROPATECH VCI molecules.

The PROPASKIN VCI  film layers act as:

• Inner layer: provides the manufactured product with an immediate protection.
• Middle layers: act as a reserve for PROPATECH VCI molecules for long-term protection. These layers only come into action with exhaustion of the inner layers.
• Outer layer: acts as a barrier against atmospheric conditions and the containment of protective action. This layer prevents the PROPATECH VCI molecules from  dispersion, ensuring 100% protective efficiency inside the packaging.

PROPASKIN VCI is a simple, convenient and economic solution adopted by major world manufacturers of vehicles, steelworks and metallurgical companies to prevent damage caused by corrosion.
Thanks to their transparency, PROPASKIN VCI products allow the correct positioning of goods in specific positions or racks, and facilitate customs avoiding the opening and consequently any damage to the package.

Film, small bags, large bags and caps can be produced with PROPASKIN VCI.

PROPASKIN VCI is certified according to the standard TRGS 615 and it is recyclable. 

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