Film Propasteel VCI


PROPASTEEL VCI is a coextruded plastic film made from special resins that render it  particularly resistant to punctures and tears. An extremely high level of resistance on corners and along edges, make PROPASTEEL VCI the right product for packaging tubes and coils, also on automatic winding machines. Moreover, apart from mechanically protecting metals, PROPASTEEL VCI can safeguard against corrosion when treated with PROPATECH VCI system, which is particularly important for a wide range of metals.

Compared to traditional metal packaging materials PROPASTEEL VCI is a highly innovative product. Unlike its old counterparts it is, for example, 100% recyclable and can be easily welded, it means that packages can be air-tightly sealed when necessary. PROPASTEEL VCI is in fact economically very convenient thanks to its limited thickness, which still ensures an extremely high level of resistance and, if compared to traditional packaging material, prices per square metre are highly competitive. PROPASTEEL VCI therefore guarantees a much higher rate of productivity per kg compared to other products on the market.

• Easy to use
• It can be used to package rolls, tubes and steel or metal forms
• It can be used manually or automatically
• Low permeability
• Resistant. Especially for corners or edges
• High efficiency with low cost
• 100% recyclable

Developed in close collaboration with our high-valued customers, this breakthrough packaging material has been studied to solve the age-old problems of steel and metal packaging.


The last product born in Propagroup research laboratories. It stands out for its very good performances:

• More mechanicalresistance
• Low permeability
• More anticorrosive protection
Like most steel packaging materials, PROPASTEEL is blue but, for large batch orders, it can be manufactured in alternative colours (standard colour blue) and it can also be personalized, including the trademark of the user alongside the PROPASTEEL one.
PROPASTEEL is usually supplied on reels but, if required, it can be shipped in sheets, sacks or caps with bellow. 

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