PROPATECH VCI NOXY is a mobile VCI integrator. Thanks to its special spring-system, patented by Propagroup, the VCI molecules are quickly and constantly spread within your packaging throughout your product's entire voyage, also managing to reach hidden points, which are normally difficult to protect.

The PROPATECH VCI NOXY  diffuser is easily applied inside the container and is activated several hours prior to the departure. As soon as it is activated the VCI protective molecules will begin to be diffused until the environment is saturated. PROPATECH VCI NOXY will remain active until it reaches its destination and, every time the transport vehicle moves, it will emit a new active protective substance.
These features make it especially suitable for integrating and enhancing the anti-corrosive action of the PROPATECH VCI products, especially in bulk packaging intended for long distances, also in critical climatic conditions. PROPATECH VCI NOXY provides incomparable, intense and long-lasting protection.

PROPATECH VCI NOXY can be activated and deactivated several times: making it economical, as well as effective.

PROPATECH VCI NOXY : the oscillating diffuser...... a winning Propagroup idea!



The new high-efficiency diffuser, PROPATECH VCI NOXY B50, has been designed to be housed in reduced spaces. Thanks to its structure and its repositioning system, it easily suits to any type of packaging and will protect your goods for a very long time.