The ideal helper for monitoring environmental conditions

Accurate monitoring during all supply chain processes is essential to ensure that the quality of all products sensitive to changes in environmental conditions is maintained. This is even more important in processes that cannot be fully controlled, such as transport.

Propalogger recorders are the ideal tool to assist you in this task. Designed to monitor and control temperature and humidity, Propalogger technology recorders provide accurate visibility at all logistical stages in order to detect problems that may occur along the supply chain. This allows direct control and facilitates timely actions to optimize processes and identify issues that may impact product quality.




Disposable temperature recorders that can be used to monitor the cold chain. Depending on the model, these devices record for 30, 60 or 90 days all activities that occur during storage and transport. These devices are equipped with a LED alarm to indicate that the temperature range <2°C / >8°C has been exceeded, visible immediately upon receipt of the goods. At the end of the recording, via the USB output, the device will generate a report in pdf format for data analysis.






Disposable temperature and humidity recorders with a handy LCD screen.

These devices have a recording capacity of 32,000 intervals, which can be programmed before using free software that can be downloaded from our website.

The programming of the device offers deferred recording start, recording intervals and alarms for exceeding a defined temperature and humidity range.

Through the LCD screen it is possible to check, upon receipt of the goods, whether an alarm has been triggered and to check the maximum and minimum detection of temperature and humidity. At the end of the recording, the device will automatically generate a report in pdf format for data analysis, which can be downloaded via the USB output, without the need to install additional drivers when the device is connected to the computer.

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