Propagroup & Propapeople

Propagroup is a company made of people and in this part of our website we have the pleasure to start presenting you some of them.

Let us introduce you to our IT Team, always ready to provide solutions to our informatic problems!

IT Team: Stefano Ugues and Carlo Fragomeni.

Today we present our Logistic Team, struggling with the difficult task of finding vehicles and organising transport!

Logistic Team: Maurizio Manzon, Pedale Raffaele, Ivana Juarez, Sabrina Galetto, Silvia Asciutto and the logistics operators.

We present our team R&D, innovators constantly looking for new solutions to new problems!

R&D: Salvatore Davide Crapanzano, Renato Silvio Mortera, Donato Cocina.

We present our International Sales Team. A team which is in contact with the whole world, getting to know not only people but also customs and habits that are often different from our own... always expanding into new markets! 

International Sales Team: Davide Borla, Luca Brussard, Marco López, Franck Savey, Fabien Chastel, Fernando Brun, Aureli Ferrer, Magnus Tomicic.

We present you our Sales team for the italian market. To them goes our gratitude and the one of passed, present and future customers. Our sincere encouragement and support so that new goals can be achieved!

Team Sales Italy: Marco Benedini, Dino Iuele, Paolo Scoditti, Luca Rossi, Stefano Taurone, Andrea Berton, Damiano Gezzoli.

We present you a very important part of our big team: the colleagues of the Back Office Team! A perfect mix of efficiency and professionality, always actives in the research of new Infinite Solutions.

Back office Italy: Anna Nalin, Patrizia Di Maggio, Luca Carlone.

Back office export: Alessandra Davide e Claudio Albanese.