Metal protection with VCI: which are the best solutions?

Products for VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) protection are used, during shipments and storage, to preserve and protect metals against corrosion. Propagroup has figured out and developed products for VCI protection, helping companies to preserve goods quality for a long time. The anticorrosive VCI products guarantee quality perseverance of shipped and stored materials, no claims for oxidation, considerable saving and big customer satisfaction. Propagroup created Propatech VCI system that, thanks to the reduction or even elimination of use of oil and greases, guarantees that the product remains intact, clean and ready-to-use. Propatech VCI doesn't leave traces and it is not dangerous, this is very important for protection, preservation, safety and saving. Propagroup is leader to solve problems of corrosion, humidity and impacts of goods during transport. Propatech VCI product range for metal protection includes the following products: 

Papers, double face and polythene anticorrosion products, in addition to rolls, sheets and bags; 

Films, anticorrosion plastic materials like Propatech VCI film, Propaskin, Propasteel, Propastretch and Propabol;

Emitters and diffusers of VCI substances like Propatech VCI Noxy, foams, tablets and anticorrosive pill bags.

VCI Anticorrosion


Before using a product packed with VCI film or paper, do I have to clean it?

It is not necessary, as PROPAGROUP VCI film and...

What VCI stands for?

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor.

How does VCI work?

VCI is a complex combination of substances...


Does paper with volatile corrosion inhibitors exist?

Yes, it is possible to manufacture paper...


Metal protection with VCI: which are the best solutions?

Products for VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)...

What happens to VCI after the packaging received is opened?

VCI is a volatile substance so, once the...

Do VCI products have an active side?

There are 2 types of VCI paper: double-faced...