Which are the advantages/disadvantages of plyethylene VCI compared to other VCI products?

VCI polyethylene has the big advantage of keeping VCI inside the packaging and of making a barrier, mainly isolating the product to protect. Furthermore polyethylene is very easy to use during packaging and the operations are much rapid, allowing an ease closing. As known, with the plastic packaging, in particular situations, is much easier that condensation occurs inside the packaging. This disadvantage can be easily solved with the use of desiccant products, perfect to reduce the humidity level, thus eliminating risks of damages caused by humidity. 


VCI Anticorrosion


Before using a product packed with VCI film or paper, do I have to clean it?

It is not necessary, as PROPAGROUP VCI film and...

What VCI stands for?

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor.

How does VCI work?

VCI is a complex combination of substances...


Does paper with volatile corrosion inhibitors exist?

Yes, it is possible to manufacture paper...


Metal protection with VCI: which are the best solutions?

Products for VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)...

What happens to VCI after the packaging received is opened?

VCI is a volatile substance so, once the...

Do VCI products have an active side?

There are 2 types of VCI paper: double-faced...