Simple, precise, economical and easy to apply, WarmMark, ColdMark  and CustomSense temperature indicators are capable of recording whenever the temperature goes beyond the previously set minimum or maximum limit, so that you will be promptly warned of any faults in the cooling systems or insulation in containers just upon the arrival of the merchandise.

WarmMark, ColdMark and CustomSense indicators are ideal to control the products that suffer spoilage of their proprieties if exposed to certain temperatures, i.e. :

• Vaccines
• Pharmaceutical products
• Serums
• Insulin
• Laboratory tests
• Temperature-sensible foods (chocolate, pastry…)
• Food with easy deterioration (ex. dairy products and their by-products, fruit, vegetables…).


WarmMark, ColdMark and CustomSense temperature indicators have the following properties:

ColdMark: an irreversible change in the color of the liquid contained in these freezing indicators shows whether the product that has been applied on has been exposed to temperatures lower than the response values. ColdMark indicators must be stored above activation temperature up to +110°F/+43°C. 
WarmMark/ WarmMark Duo/ WarmMark Long Run: WarmMark warm temperature indicators, besides indicating whether the temperature has exceeded the set limit, they also inform you of the exposure duration to excessive temperatures, so you can make a more precise assessment as to the possible damage caused to your products during such events. WarmMark, WarmMark Duo and WarmMark Long Run must be stored in an environment with temperatures below the response temperature. WarmMark and ColdMark have a sensitivity margin of +/- 1°C and a useful life of 3 years from the date of production.
CustomSense: this indicator is different than those described before, it is an electronic one that provides an accurate and clearly visible indication when a shipment has experienced a temperature excursion outside of the product guidelines. CustomSense is really easy to use, it can be activated with the push of a button on the front of the indicator where you also find instructions of use: temperature ranges, LED indication of Pass/Fail and information about the registrations done. Once activated, CustomSense is irreversible, so it cannot be stopped during a journey and it is serialized with unique indentifier and matching label to apply to shipping documents for verifications, so as to be traceable. CustomSense is available in four standard regulations but it can be personalized according to your needs for temperature from -40°C to +80°C.