Ring Proparing


PROPARING is a plastic ring specially designed to permit safe handling while simultaneously avoiding damage such as dents or scoring in the innermost wraps of the handled steel roll.
During internal handling procedures in steel mills and service centres, steel rolls are moved  repeatedly and the use of overhead cranes or forklifts often causes damage in the lifting points. It is actually to prevent such damage that Propack, in mutual agreement with loyal customers in the steel sector, has developed PROPARING.

Customers often complain about not being able to use a steel roll to the very end because the last wraps, which can also mean many metres of length, were irremediably damaged during handling. With PROPARING this problem will be definitely solved.

Proparing is reusable, so it performs an important service and solves a long-standing problem at decidedly laughable costs.

The available diameters correspond to those most frequently found in steel mills.

• Recyclable
• Reusable
• Resistant
• Flexible