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Body temperature monitoring at a distance

In this period we need to monitor the body temperature to permit only healthy people to enter the closed places. Propagroup propose this non contact infrared thermometer to offer to its customers an effective product.

With this thermometer you have a clear fever indication, because the colour changes on the LCD screen so as to let you know instantly when there is an elevated temperature. From a distance of 3 cm - 5 cm, simply point the device at forehead and read temperature shown on LCD screen.

  • Green backlight: indicates normal temperature
  • Orange backlight: indicates low fever
  • Red backlight: indicates high fever



Body Temperature

Surface Temperature

High Temperature Alarm

Memorise 32 Test Data


1 Second Testing




Guaranteed for 100,000 measurements, the infrared thermometers are FDA, CE, FCC, and ROHS certified.


Techincal Specifications:

Normal Use  

Ambient temperature: 10°C to 40°C RH: ≤85%


DC 3V (2 AA Batteries)

Unit Size  

155 x 100 x 40 mm  

Unit Weight (without battery)


Temperature Display Resolution


Measuring Range - Body

 32°C to 43°C  

MeasuringRange - Surface

 0°C to 60°C  

Measuring Range - Room

 0°C to 40°C  






3cm to 5cm  

Automatic Power Off



32 Sets  

Measuring Position

Forehead skin