Keep your products under control while travelling with the ShockWatch and ShockDot impact indicators!

ShockWatch and ShockDot impact indicators are your ideal allies when you need to ship products and be sure that they arrive at their destination intact. 

ShockWatch and ShockDot indicators detect and record shocks that exceed a certain threshold; in the case of impacts above this level, the device will become red, signalling to whoever collects the material that an impact has occurred. The indicators are available in various types that differ from each other due to their different sensitivity, for example, if you have to monitor a large and/or heavy product, the G-level needed will be low; on the contrary, for a light and/or small product, you can increase the G-level. 

Thanks to the ShockWatch and ShockDot impact indicators, your products will be monitored throughout the transport. 

To learn more about ShockWatch and ShockDot impact indicators click here


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