Horizon Europe Targets 2021-27 and the Waste2BioComp project... proud to participate!

The Waste2BioComp project is a major initiative in the context of the issue of converting organic waste into bio-based components for sustainable packaging in sectors such as packaging, textiles and footwear. This is a fundamental step towards a greener future, consistent with the objectives of the European HorizonEurope 2021-27 programme which, among other goals, has the objective of supporting innovative companies in researching and developing sustainable solutions for our planet. We are excited to participate in this programme and to collaborate with a wide range of partners from different parts of Europe, including research centres, universities and small and medium-sized enterprises. This synergetic approach to research and development of sustainable solutions is essential to effectively address this issue. In particular, our specific role concerns the development, design and extrusion of bio-film, an area in which we have already played a leading role in previous national and European projects. Waste2BioComp will run for three years and involve 13 partners from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.  We hope that the project will be successful and lead to innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce the ecological footprint of our lifestyle. We believe in the importance of businesses and individuals actively collaborating to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.



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