Moisture and corrosion: how to protect metals effectively.

In recent years, characterised by the presence of the pandemic, as everyone knows, the transport of goods has suffered a drastic drop with all the consequences that this has entailed. The year 2022, despite the uncertainties arising from the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine, has finally seen an increase in maritime, air and rail transport in Italy.  

Whatever the type of transport, for companies that produce their manufactured goods with care and have to ship them, it is vital that the goods arrive at their destination as intact and perfect as when they were produced.

In the metal sector, it is well known how much the presence of moisture in the air can damage artefacts by triggering the phenomenon of corrosion, the cause of the deterioration of a metal object.

To prevent the formation of corrosion and protect metal products during transport and storage, Propagroup offers Propatech VCI solutions, a complete range of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors that prevent the oxidation of metal when its surface is in contact with a moisture-rich external environment. Propatech VCI corrosion inhibitors sublimate, diffuse into the packaging and deposit on the surface of the metal, thus protecting it from corrosion formation.   

For optimal operation of the Propatech VCI products, we recommend that you consult our website page with the steps you need to take to achieve effective and long-lasting protection. Click here to visit the page.



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