The strong, thin and transparent film is finally here!  

Strength, transparency and low thickness all in one it's possible with PROPATHIN T1500!

Thanks to the continuous research work of the Propagroup laboratories, high-tech films with innovative characteristics have been developed over time and are successfully used in many markets for a variety of applications. The latest of these is Propathin T1500, which has the three fundamental requirements for perfect protection: strength, transparency and low thickness.

These features allow Propathin T1500 to be used in a wide range of applications, from the protection of glass or marble sheets to the packaging of furniture, chairs or other items with protruding parts and edges. For these applications, it is very important to choose a protective film with high puncture resistance. However, resistance is not the only requirement in many cases. To facilitate customs procedures and ensure easy inspection of the goods inside the packaging, it is also important for the film to be transparent.  

In addition to its high protection performance, Propathin T1500's high strength also makes it an environmentally friendly product. It uses 30% less plastic than conventional plastic films while maintaining the same technical characteristics and mechanical strength as thicker films.  This also allows an important saving in disposal costs, an economic aspect not to be underestimated.   

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