Thought for the environment

Sustainability and attention to the environment have always been a priority for Propagroup. In the development of new products we always tried to privilege the use of recycled and totally recyclable materials to favour the process of circular economy.

Thanks to our ongoing commitment, we have been able to boast the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification for some years now, a guarantee of business to the need of low environmental impact contribution of our products and processes.  


Eco sostenible desiccant bags Propasec Green
PROPASEC GREEN - Eco sustainable desiccant bags


Air bags Propablank
PROPABLANK - Dunnage Bags

95% AIR + 5% POLYETHYLENE = 100% SAFETY...

PROPAFILL - Cardboard separators

The ideal solution for filling voids between loads!

Resistant and transparent film Propathin T1500
PROPATHIN T1500 - Transparent and resistant film

Protection that's transparent, slim and tough!



Summer Holidays

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