Products damaged in transportation? By using SpotBot to track cargo through the value chain, you can pinpoint issues during transportation so that they can be remedied and avoided in the future. The visibility to impact and temperature data that SpotBot provides can help you realize significant savings of both time and money by ensuring that your product reaches the customer without incident.

SpotBot is a standalone device that delivers tri-axial impact monitoring and tracking through cellular connectivity. It features real-time visualization through the SpotSee web based platform. You can access your data in the cloud from any web-based device. The SpotBot transmits information using cellular technology, so the unit does not require line of sight to a satellite for position or communication.


Best in Class Impact Data

SpotBot generates accurate data on impacts up to 65G providing more than four times (4X) the spectrum of the best competitive alternative (which captures impacts up to 16G). This range of impact monitoring is best suited for products between 100-60,000 lbs.

Longest Battery Life

With off-the-shelf lithium batteries, SpotBot Beta delivers more than 100 days of monitoring (set to hourly summary reporting). This represents a battery life that is more than twice (2X) the next best competitor.

Flexible Settings & Download Capabilities

The user easily defines impact settings specific to the product being monitored and SpotBot will deliver a location and time stamp of alerts from impacts over the threshold. After the trip, the user can easily download a PDF file with the top ten largest impacts, a CVS file with the top 50 largest impacts, and a slot-time report from the SpotBot.

The SpotSee cloud is where trip data is aggregated in real-time. The cloud features visualizations for multiple units. The graphs are easy to read and include data such as specifics of impact with locations, impacts over time, histogram, and temperature.


• Access to data from wherever you are

with a dedicated web portal

• Real-time reporting and tracking of


• Alarms with location, time, impact g-level,

and direction of impact

• Impacts-over-time visualization of each


• Histogram the asset’s impacts

Real-time Reporting

The SpotSee cloud tracks location and impacts in real-time. This information is sent to the cloud at predetermined intervals so you always know the status of your asset.

Detailed Impact Alarm Data

See all your asset alarms including location, time, impact g-level, and direction of impact. The data visualizes impacts over time so you can easily spot the higher outliers. The histogram is a quick view of the units impacts grouped by g-level so you know quickly if there are any potentially damaging impacts.