Body temperature monitoring at forhead contact

During any illness outbreak, early fever detection not only helps prevent the spread of illnesses, it also ensures faster treatment. Liquid crystal technology-based, an FDA registered forehead thermometer provide a simple, cost-effective tool for monitoring body temperature.

The CDC has issued guidance that essential workers should have their temperature taken before individuals enter the facility to begin work. These thermometers are a cost and time-effective solution that allows you to monitor temperature throughout the day and still maintain appropriate social distance.

A forehead thermometer offers a fast, accurate way to monitor core body temperatures and take prompt preventive action. You can obtain an accurate temperature in approximately 15 seconds. It’s simply a matter of watching the liquid crystal display until the colors stop changing. And since you can take temperatures non-invasively, the forehead thermometers are ideal for use with children, surgery center or quarantined patients.

Instructions for use:

Thermometers should be used indoor and at room temperature (approximately 68°-86°F/20°-30°C). Avoid direct sunlight or strong heat when taking temperature. Do not take temperature if individual has been eating, drinking or exercising within the last 30 minutes due to the possibility of temperature fluctuation. Digitally available through QR code scan.


1.Remove backing.

2.Hold thermometer at both ends, pressing firmly on dry forehead for approximately 15 seconds

3.Read thermometer while on forehead:
Green - correct temperature 

If you do not see green, blue or tan colors will appear :

Blue - at visualized temperature add 0,5 ° C

Brown - at visualized temperature subtract 0,5 °C 

Technical specifications:

Design Formats  

Dual Scale: Fahrenheit e celsius

Medical grade, hypoallergenicadhesive

Ripositionable (low-tack)  


7,2 cm x 1,12 cm

Response Temperature

35°C/95°F, 36°C/96°F, 37°C/98°F, 38°C/100°F, 39°C/102°F, 40°C/104°F


+/- 1.8°F / 1°C

Shelf Life

2 years  


Packs of 100 or rolls of 5,000 with perforation