Effective anti-corrosion protection during transport with the Propatech VCI Noxy Lillo diffusers

Propatech VCI Noxy Lillo is the ideal integrator to obtain an effective anti-corrosion protection on metals during transport. Noxy is an anti-corrosive diffuser patented by Propagroup and it is very easy to use, it is sufficient to activate it a few hours before departure so as to allow it to diffuse the VCI protective molecules and to reach saturation. Thanks to its structure mounted on a spring system, with every movement of the vehicle, Noxy is able to rapidly diffuse the VCI molecules inside the packaging during the whole transport, ensuring the constant protection of the product. Propatech VCI Noxy is also widely used when it is necessary to reach hidden and difficult points to protect and in the case of voluminous packaging designed for long distances with critical climatic conditions. 

For more information on Propatech VCI Noxy Lillo contact our technical service: export@propagroup.com