Our mission continues: we also protect our health in Propagroup

Those who know us know that for us at Propagroup, protection is an important mission. We have always studied effective solutions to help our customers protect their materials during transport and storage.

In addition to focusing on product protection, however, we believe it is very important to protect the health of the people who work in our company. During the COVID-19 emergency we always worked in compliance with all government directives. We immediately took action to allow the smart working  where it was possible. We also installed gates at the entrances in order to monitor the body temperature of the people who enter the company, in addition of course to having made available several hand sanitizers. Workstations where it is not possible to maintain a safe distance are protected by plexiglass walls and the operators are all equipped with a protection mask.

Furthermore, Propacare Eco Bionizers are placed in all Propagroup offices, in order to purify the air. In fact, thanks to the controlled bipolar ionization, they are able to eliminate, in complete safety and in the presence of employees, viruses and bacteria present in the air and on surfaces. This allows us to have an indoor air continuously purified of all pollutants with a balanced ionization such as that found in nature. In addition to all the measures put in place to protect us from the spread of Covid-19, for some years we have also been dedicating ourselves to the harmonization of the internal environments to make the workplace a regenerating and pleasant place for all those who live it. We invite you to watch the video oln the right in which we are proud to show you our healthy and safe places in Propagroup.