Rain protection for crates with Stirofilm!

Finally an effective system to protect your crates from rainwater... Stirofilm! One of the longest-standing problems with wooden crates has been protecting them from rainwater. The plastic commonly used as a ‘waterproof’ cover for crates, such as polyethylene, is generally not strong enough to prevent the accumulation of water on its surface. This accumulation, the so-called pooling effect, is due to the natural elasticity of ordinary polyethylene, and presents a high risk of severe damage to the goods contained inside the crate in case of the likely breakage of the film.

To overcome this problem, a corrugated or metal sheet is often placed under the plastic, doubling, however, the time taken to close the crate and, of course, adding extra labour and material costs.


Crate covered with common plastic, such as polyethylene

With Stirofilm, this problem is definitively solved! 


Crate protected with Stirofilm

Stirofilm is an extremely strong multi-layer coextruded film that is stiff enough to remain well-stretched when used to cover crates boxes, thus allowing any water to spill out from the sides without accumulating on top. Stirofilm is also sufficiently flexible to allow easy application, adapting well to the surface to be covered.

With Stirofilm, you only need to use one product, together with a simple stapler to fit it perfectly to the crate.

Stirofilm therefore comes with numerous advantages:

- Less stock storage space needed

- Supplied in handy rolls

- High resistance to stretching and tearing yet flexible

- Guaranteed seal using only one material

- Quick to fit

- UV-resistant for 24 months

- Long duration outdoor storage without the risk of tearing

- Completely recyclable

Solve the problem of water accumulating on crates stored outdoors with Stirofilm!

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