The self-sizing edge and corner protector Propafix

Propafix is ​​the edge and corner protector capable to easily adapt to any packaging. Propafix, infact, thanks to its shaped wings can be cut to just the right length and angle. Despite being stiff and incredibly durable, Propafix is ​​also extremely flexible, and can therefore be used to protect coils and all kinds of irregular shapes. In addition, the self-sizing protector can also be supplied with asymmetric tabs, useful for the protection of packaging of a variety of sizes just when and how it is needed. Steel sheets, for example, can be protected vertically with the larger tab, in order to provide extra protection between the sheets. The tabs can also be individually ribbed in opposing senses, in order to give the protector the right three-dimensionality to protect even the most cumbersome packaging. However, the great advantage of Propafix protectors is that you only need one size in stock to be able to protect any type of packaging, whether it be for coils or pallets, reducing the need for stock and saving precious warehouse space. What’s more is that Propafix is entirely recyclable.

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The self-sizing edge protector Propafix

The self-sizing edge and corner protector Propafix

Propafix is ​​the edge and corner...