ShockLog in the transformer industry

  • 19 July 2017

Every day transformers risk to get damaged during shipping because of the movement, this can happen during travel or handling. The use of a simple impact recorder like ShockLog can advise that some problems occurred and when, this

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Summer Holidays

  • 22 May 2017

We inform you that Propagroup will be closed for summer holidays in the following period: Export dept. From 05.08.17 up to 20.08.17 included (weeks 32 and 33);Production From 05.08.17 up to 27.08.17 included (weeks 32, 33 and 34).

OpsWatch - Vibration and impact recorder

Your equipment will have longer life with OpsWatch

  • 28 April 2017

Thanks to OpsWatch, your equipment will be continuously monitored to avoid problematic and expansive failures. OpsWatch can indicate changes in equipment vibration, that is an early warning of decline in operating

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LogLink - ShockLog accessory

ShockLog is always connected with LogLink

  • 27 April 2017

ShockLog today can be always connected thanks to LogLink, an accessory able to give datas in real time during shipment. In this way it will be possible to receive an alert at any time with position, time and information on possible impacts. For more information please click here

Propaflex for goods protection on pallet

Stop damages of goods on pallet with Propaflex!

  • 07 April 2017

Starting from today your goods on pallet will never be damaged with Propaflex! Propaflex is a very flexible plastic sheet, born to wrap and protect all products in roll (steel coils, cables, tubes, etc.) from

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